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About Us

Founded in 2013, TalentCove helps leaders drive measurable results and empowers people to meet and exceed their goals. Cove is a simple goal management and OKR solution that focuses employees on what matters most to the business. TalentCove's cloud software platform helps align teams, creates transparency across the organization and drives execution excellence. By operationalizing proven goal-setting methodologies, our software makes good companies great.

TalentCove is founded and run by an experienced team of engineers, entrepreneurs, enterprise software executives and people operations professionals from companies such as SAP/SuccessFactors, Proximity (sold to Apple), McKinsey, Sun, Visually, TaskRabbit, Clickability and BoardVantage.

Our Investors

Our backers include a great group of investors who have founded and run many successful startups like Appirio, Podio (sold to Citrix), oDesk (merged with Elance), Komli Media, PubMatic and EASi, and have held senior executive positions at leading people software companies like SAP, Taleo, Peoplesoft, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.